Ashridge Farm

Last Friday 8th we had a clear bTB test which is a great relief to all. That means that we do not have to go through the trauma for 6 or maybe 12 months. What is more we will not be killing any incalf cows this year.
Ashridge Farm is now as wet as I have ever seen in the 39 year I have farmer it. It is colder this morning and they are forecasting a dry / cold weekend. Lets hope they are right.

Its 2016. Happy new year to all. It looks likely that this is going to be a wet winter. Every winter is either the wettest, driest,, coldest, warmest. This year the wettest, maybe.

I am reading a book written by Prof Dave Goulson “A buzz in the Meadow”. A very good read. There is a very interesting chapter on the problem of disappearing bees. I had the problem about 8 years ago when I lost all 12 hives between 1st Jan and 1st March. They went from strong hives with lots of bees, to not a bee, not even a dead one, but lots of honey, so starvation was not an issue. I am very afraid that my bees are an indicators of the plight of insects in general.