Ashridge Farm

Boy, how time flies. Its the end of February already. I heard my first Blackbird singing 2 days ago,the Snow drops are going over, the Wild Daffodils are coming out and we had our first calf born 2 days ago, so here we go again.

The winter has been one of the easiest I can remember for a long time. Very little rain, no snow, only one gale and just enough frost to keep things in check. Lets hope that the coming spring and summer follows in the same vain.

I spend a few days over in North Norfolk last month and had a good day photographing the Seals a Horsey and i caught a fantastic sunrise at Holkham with thousands of Pink Feet Geese fling over. That is something we can not offer at Ashridge but we do have the beautiful Devon countryside with views from Ashridge Farm which those of you who have already stayed here know only too well.


Its mid summers day tomorrow and we are having some very good summer rain. As farmers we like it to rain every night and all day Sunday (when we catch up some sleep) but I would like it to stop raining now for a couple of weeks as we have a lot of grass to cut. We need to get it made into hay or silage soon as the quality of the grass will fall rapidly, making feeding the cattle more expensive next winter with the need to supplement with more cereals.

I have had little time to pick up the camera lately but the other morning I did get a few shots of the birds that are still visiting the feeders. Te best of the shoot was this Goldfinch

Lets hope that the weather turns now and we get a good summer for our many guest that have booked to stay with us.

Well, here we are the end of May. All crops are in and growing well. The calves are looking fantastic because the mothers are giving them lots of milk. The first cut of grass for silage has been taken.
Our guests are enjoying the great spell of weather for their half term holiday with trips to the sea and Dartmoor, and evenings the barbecue is out along with a few bottles of wine and local Cider from Sandford Orchards. Lets hope we are in for a barbecue summer. No road blocks or fuel shortages here at Ashridge Farm in sunny Devon

Mid April and the sun is out but we had a very hard frost this morning. The cows and calves are now all out in the fields and they don’t mind frost. The air was so clear I could see miles. Dartmoor looked only 5 miles and not the 20 it actually is.

Cattle (2 of 4)

This year the wild daffodils have be brilliant. They are going over now but I did manage to get a few pictures last weekend. Next week it will be the turn of the Bluebells

Daffodill (1 of 1)

We can defiantly say spring has arrived at Ashridge. Cows and their new born calves are out in the fields. A ewe had twin lambs this morning in the orchard, the chicken can’t get out quick enough and the birds are starting to sing. I always say you have to endure an English winter to fully appreciate this time of year.

Cow and calvesLambsChickenCows2